Judy Schwiebert's Record...

Judy Schwiebert has spent her life pushing harmful, out-of-touch, progressive policy. Judy plays partisan politics, she is not a solution-focused leader and does not represent the values of the hard-working families in Arizona Legislative District 2.


Judy Schwiebert VOTED NO on bills that would eliminate taxes on the two most basic necessities - rent and groceries.


If that isn't disqualifying enough Judy Schwiebert also believes
"there should absolutely be a cap on how much people can make"...

Video source.

Let's just say Judy cares more about protecting special interests than voting for common sense policy to safeguard and protect you and your families. Just say NO to Judy Schwiebert for Senate and give her more time to pal around with her buddy, failed Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.


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